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Klüber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, now offers two innovative gear oils for the food service and packaging industries. The lubricants are Klüberoil® NH1 G 1 US Series and Klüberoil® NH1 G 4 US Series. Klüberoil® NH1 G 1 US Series is a mineral white oil, while the Klüberoil® NH1 G 4 US Series is a synthetic version. Both series of lubricants are ideal for the lubrication of production equipment in beverage canning, bottling operations, meat and poultry processing, dairy operations, fruit and vegetable processing, bakeries, and pharmaceutical plants. Klüberoil® NH1 G 1 US Series and Klüberoil® NH1 G 4 US Series are NSF H1 registered for use in food-processing and pharmaceutical industries and are ISO 21469 certified. Due to their wide service temperature range, it is often sufficient to use just one viscosity grade for both high and low temperatures. The good viscosity-temperature behavior supports the formation of a sufficient lubricating film, also under elevated or high temperatures. Due to the oil’s good wear protection for both the gear teeth and the rolling bearings, the lubricated components attain their calculated lifetime.

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Posted By New Equipment Digest / 11-June-2021

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