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While keeping all of the high thrust capability of its legacy brand TITAN I 449 frame motors, the TITAN II 449 frame offers a redesigned upper bracket for better environmental protection. The 449 lower bracket has also been redesigned to allow stiffer attachment of the motor to the pump head. This overall stiffer construction has raised its reed critical frequency (RCF) on average 12% and with multiple p-base options (20”, 24.5” and 30.5”) to allow altering the RCF for the best variable speed pumping system design to stay out of the resonance region. The redesign of the upper and lower brackets also allows a change to the airflow to better cool and increase motor efficiency. With a lower operating temperature, the life of the motor’s insulation can be extended. The output horsepower has also been increased to 500HP. In addition to the redesigned WPI 449 frame, Nidec Motor Corporation has also launched a brand new WPII 449 frame offering. WPII enclosures are excellent choices for indoor or outdoor use; typically have lower initial costs and are more efficient than totally enclosed motors of the same rating.

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Posted By New Equipment Digest / 09-May-2021

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