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Pleated tarps from Roll-Rite act like a straight tarp, then expand up to 10’ along the full length of the tarp, self-deploying on both sides to easily cover heaped loads. For tie-down applications, they are easily expandable to secure a load on the sides by simply pulling the straps from ground level and securing them to the truck body or trailer. Roll-Rite originally designed pleated tarps to have several advantages over traditional flapped tarps. First, they are less expensive to purchase. They don’t require bulky shock cords to secure the tarp over the load. Since the extra material is easier to access from ground level, they don’t require an operator to strain to reach the center of a flapped tarp to deploy it, a sometimes difficult and unsafe practice. And, the Roll-Rite system’s built in tension helps to refold the tarp as it rolls up, without the need to first manually fold over flaps. Roll-Rite pleated tarps are single-piece construction and custom manufactured to meet your size needs. They are available in general purpose Premium Mesh, or in Super Tough Mesh for demanding applications like scrap and debris hauling. The tarp edges are reinforced with double-stitching or heat-welded for strength and durability. The rear tarp rod pocket is completely lined, and the rear corners feature 18-inch reinforcement.

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Posted By New Equipment Digest / 24-May-2021

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