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EPx Logistics and EPx Transport are the leading specialized logistics services provider in Egypt, offering specialized solutions for Health Care and other industries that require specialized storage and transport solutions. EPx Logistics and EPx Transport are members of the Egyptian Pharmex Group. Egyptian Pharmex has been a leader in the pharmaceutical services industry in Egypt since 1995.EPx Logistics offers its customers different types of storage to meet the storage requirements for different types of products.Dry Storage (Below 35°C)Ventilated Dry Storage (Palletized). Suitable for certain Pharmaceutical Products as well as Raw and Pack MaterialsTemperature Controlled Storage (15-25°C)Validated and Temperature Controlled Ambient Storage. Suitable for Pharmaceutical Products, Medical Devices and Certain Cosmetics.Cold Chain Storage (2-8°C)Validated and Temperature Controlled Cold Chain Storage. Suitable for Cold Chain Pharmaceutical ProductsAccess Controlled StorageFor products that require higher level of control such as Quarantine and Rejected products, Controlled products as well as high value products that need to be segregated for security reasons.What makes EPx services unique is its very high standards and very high capabilities, that in turn, transform to very high quality services that provide its customers with long term sustainable value. 

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