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E-Commerce Warehousing

E-commerce warehousing is the place where physical goods are stored before they are sold online. It mainly works for storing the goods safely, properly tracking the stock status of store inventory and tracking the movement of goods once it is sold out. The warehousing and logistics services are the important criteria in every business. For online business, e-commerce warehousing is not just a storage space. It plays a vital role in order fulfillment and time management. 

Types of E-commerce Warehouses

All e-commerce warehouses serve the same function. But their types may vary according to the needs and benefits.

  1. Private warehouses

Private warehouses are owned by the wholesalers, retailers and distributors who function privately. They have an advanced e-commerce management system and are somewhat costlier compared to other warehouses. 

  1. Public warehouses

Public warehouses are owned by the government agencies who provide loans to businesses. This can also be availed for personal uses. Compared to private warehouses, public warehouses are affordable with good function.

  1. Government warehouses

Other than the public warehouses, the government warehouses have more security. They provide special care for high valued goods. This is too an affordable option for individuals and businesses.

  1. Smart warehouses

Smart warehouses use the method of artificial intelligence and automate them sooner. These are done by drones and software used for packaging, storing and shipping. More implementation in the smart warehouses are under the planning process for the future. The best example for this type of warehouse is Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

  1. Distribution centers

The maximum fulfillment of the services is provided in the distribution centers. The goods are not stored here for a longer time. They come and go out in a rapid manner. They provide the best efficiency which serves best for people who opt this option. Normally they suit best for food sellers and for others who are in need of displacing the goods quickly. 

  1. Cooperative warehouses

Cooperative warehouses are handled by their members. They can store the goods for cut rates. The other members outside of this cooperative warehouse can store the goods here. But they should pay the full rates.

  1. Consolidated warehouses

Consolidated warehouses suit best for small business categories. As they consolidate the multiple shipment processes from a variety of sellers into larger shipments which are sent to the same places.

  1. Bonded warehouses

Bonded warehouses make suitable for importers who are in need of storing their imported goods until they are sold out. The products are allowed to store for a longer period without custom duty payment.

Benefits of E-commerce Warehouses

  • Majority of customers stick on to faster shipping. This criterion holds as important as free shipping. So, with the help of this e-commerce warehousing, those customer expectations can be met and can get a positive response with more store attraction. 

  • Human errors occur naturally on manual methods. They mark a huge negativity in inventory inputs. With the help of e-commerce warehouses, those problems can be handled and the safe, secure, organized and quick distribution of goods can be made. This creates a positive nature in purpose improved distribution. Also, the software used here records all the current inventories and also the variations in it. This attracts the customers by reduced stock outs, no more wrong deliveries and reduced loss of inventories.

  • With this e-commerce warehousing, a lot of time that is wasted in warehouses can be used for the implementation of marketing strategies which helps in positive growth. 


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