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Warehouse Management for 3PL or 3rd Party

The business emerges in an undefined manner and delivers more products in the marketplace. In such cases the outsourcing and fulfillment operations of various procedures need an extra source. For such operations, the business turns into third party logistics (3PL) in most cases. 

Third party logistic companies hold a vital role in the logistic service providers. They support all the operational aspects needed for various business services. 3PL is included in the supply chain management which includes procurement of materials, transportation, inventory management, warehousing operations, custom brokerage, payment, tracking and so on. For easy warehouse management facilities, the 3PL is incorporated within the company’s warehouse. 

Functions of 3PL Providers

  1. Shipment and Receival: the 3PL providers deal with the start to finish processes of shipping and receiving of goods or items. They usually have an incorporated feature like transportation management system (TMS) or other integrated freight management services. This will improve the time consumed for every task and also improves the efficiency. Real time visibility of matrix reports, increased transparency in the shipping process are also included in these 3PL providers.

  2. Transportation: they take all the responsibilities of transporting goods from one place to another. In some cases, some transportation 3PL providers leverage other transportation firms for completing the duties.

  3. Warehousing: these are the commonly seen logistic providers in case of warehousing. This provider is integrated to the company's warehousing services and specializes in storing and distribution of items. The customizable ways are also opted by the 3PL providers.

  4. Distribution: 3PL providers provide a variety of methods in distribution services. They include outbound order fulfillment, picking and packing, custom labelling and manufacturing. For small companies, the efficiency in distribution of large products may seem harder. By providing the 3PL providers in the management can help their employees to focus more on business tasks. 

Advantages of 3PL

The advantages in the reasons for 3PL for logistic services are numerous. They provide better efficiency in outsources from warehouses. The other reasons are:

  1. Money and time saving: the success of every business lies in the time and money saving schemes. This can make a huge impact on the entire business. The 3PL provider implementation in the warehouse management can make a vital difference in the maintenance of warehouse functions. They determine how to move on with the limited costs and time. This can keep up the emerging technologies through in-house management models. 3PL eliminates the unwanted money and helps the employees to focus on strategic planning processes. 

  2. Scalability: 3PL providers scale the labour, transportation and company space based on the required services. The 3PL implemented logistic functions helps in making a clear path for business growth.

  3. Expansion: 3PL helps in emerging the business to a new marketplace including in various countries. This can improve the customer services, can be joined into new supply chains, and can feel the exposure of new market areas which are not accessible before. They also build the security procedures into their service for the proper accreditation to various global services. 

Disadvantages of 3PL

The most important risk in 3PL is the trust made to a third party with your brand. They can point out many disadvantages like:

  1. Hidden responsibilities: the 3PL normally doesn’t interact directly with the customers. They play the role of third parties and do not have connection with the customers. In case if any fault occurs, blaming the third parties is not possible.

  2. Out of hands: the inventory in warehouses wouldn’t be accessible for the third parties easily. If any quality control issue arises, 3PL will not be able to control it directly.

  3. Hype in fees: by the implementation of various 3PL software in the e-commerce store can make a difference in the previously set up fees. This can make changes in the fee structure.

Consideration of 3PL

With the proper facilities of transportation, infrastructure and expert solutions, 3PL providers play an important role in every business strategy. Irrespective of the size, type and location of the company, the business makes a positive impact on the marketplace with the 3PL. 

Any idea that makes sense in the internal resources, streamline efficiency and financial stability make the growth of business in a better way. If a company goes up vigorously in peeking up the manufacturing, labour, staff expenses can sometimes move out of hand easily. In such a case, hiring the 3PL can close the company in your own hands with safe investments. This can workout the procedures of modern technology. 


The 3PL can do the logistics services in a fulfilled version by becoming a partner in the marketplace in the long run. Not all 3PL providers supply the same functions that you actually need. Some may differ according to their functions. Best 3PL warehouse companies can save money and meet customers' expectations. Best 3PL warehouse management services are needed for better working. 

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