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Warehouse Management in Supply Chain Management

Warehouse management controls and manages the storage and movement of goods in the warehouse. The implemented warehouse management system monitors the product progress of the warehouses. It includes tracking procedures, communication between the product stations and so on. Warehouse management acts as a key role in supply chain management. It acts as a bridge between the supplier and the customer. This reduces the unnecessary manual handling and arranging costs. 

Functions of Warehouse Management

  1. Receiving goods

This is the most basic function of warehousing. The goods are received from various places and are stored in warehouses. This step accepts the responsibility of delivering goods.

  1. Record preparation

The manager checks the goods stored in the warehouse and records the details. Proper record maintenance is done to avoid delay in delivery.

  1. Identification

The different items are identified and grouped separately. Tags or codes belonging to corresponding item categories are given. This helps in clear identification of goods.

  1. Storage

This is the major function of warehousing. The goods are kept safe and secure with utmost care. Special goods like food items are properly protected.

  1. Packaging

Good packaging is the basic identity of every item. It is done in a suitable way based on the size and quantity of goods.

  1. Receipt information

There will be certain departments in every warehouse. The manager or warehouse keeper checks the information regarding the goods receipts.

  1. Bulk breaking

There might be bulk deliveries or small content deliveries. If the customer needs the goods in small quantities, the warehouse keepers’ packs them in small quantities according to the demand.

  1. Goods search

Whenever the demand arises for particular goods, the warehouse keeper searches and makes sure the item is available or not.

  1. Goods delivery

The proper functioning of delivery of goods are made. Necessary documents are checked and prepared for further delivery processes.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the total management of goods flow and services. They include an under control inventory process, successful delivery of finished goods and so on. These days the demand-supply quotient is being complex. The collection and distribution of goods are done globally. These duties play a vital role in supply chain management which helps in delivering the goods at the right time, right cost and destination. This is much wider than the warehouse management system. 

Warehouse management in Supply Chain Management

Warehouse management in the supply chain management deals with the shipping, picking and receipt of the goods that are supplied. For making it more effective the technological inputs like barcode scanner, bio-metrics and RFID are used. A better logistic management is carried out until shipment. The unity of warehouse management in the supply chain provides an extra benefit in the business or industry. 

By inputting the warehouse management system in supply chain management, the organizations gain competitive advantages over others. It helps in keeping optimum inventory levels and its efficiency sneak peaks to a large extent. It helps to find out the best suitable storage levels depending upon the type of goods since the warehouse management and supply chain management are complementary in nature. 


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